How much is too much?

Hi Scott

So, watching the Darby v Jeff match and I found myself feeling like an old man, because I wasn't reacting to the match, but more the danger to the competitors.

Talking specifically about that spot with Darby going off the big ladder onto the chair setup, with what looked like Hardy *barely* catching him. It's too much, man. I want to be entertained, and I get that these guys are all about the spectacle they can provide, but I don't want to see someone die in the ring (we're in the Owen Hart Tournament, ffs) and these frankly insane spots aren't worth the risk, imo.

I think there was one in one of Britt's matches where someone basically went spine-first into a backs-up chair setup as well. It just looked horrible. An inch the wrong way and the recipient is going to be lucky to be walking out of the arena, if ever again.

What say you Scott? And BoD commentors? Am I just being a boring old man here? Do you think we're at the point where the risk/reward balance is too much to the risk side?

It's a tricky one, because clearly guys like the Hardys and Darby WANT to do these things, and ultimately they're all adults and can make their own decisions about their health and safety.  I think it's getting to be a bit much, but at the same time I'm entertained by it on some level so I'm kind of part of the problem I guess.  Same thing with the Jackass movies.  I think ultimately as long as it's not TK telling people to go out and do crazy shit, it's hard to fault them for wanting to injure themselves for our entertainment.  Some people, like Darby, just want to live fast and leave a beautiful corpse.