Shades of Grey throughout AEW

Good morning Mr. Keith. For some reason here in Buffalo there are rumors of us trading for McDavid.  I don't see it but then again i'd never thought we'd trade Eichel so let the speculation begin!

Anyways, do you find yourself confused, entertained, indifferent, something other, at the dynamics of certain heels and faces throughout AEW, and how broad the strokes tend to be sometimes.  Examples are entitled A-hole Jericho in the ring, but when on commentary hes almost late-00's Jerry Lawler like in rooting for whoever. Team Taz started off as heels, and Ricky Starks has a handsomely punchable face, but the man brings insight and in ring knowledge when calling a match and shows respect to the talents involved.  Hook is…. well he's in a realm all his own, and even his dad isn't aruging with Hookhausen.  

The Best Friends were clearly faces, but the way they booked Yuta somehow the BCC became the faces out of that ordeal and they're still kicking heads in.

CM Punk, well I think he's enjoying adapting to whatever oppent and enviroment(city) they put him in he's good with whatever side of the fence he's on.

I honestly don't find it taking away from anything, but i just keep noticing the more talents are straddling that line.  

Being old and cranky, I prefer having things spelled out for me for major storylines.  Shades of grey is fine in the undercard, but when you’re asking me to invest money in a PPV, pick a lane.