The Warrior Theorem

Hi Scott. I hope you’re doing well. I have a two-part question.

Piggybacking off the Bret vs Flair topic, who do you think was the better worker between Flair and Savage?

I think it’s a close one, but I think Savage was a bit better than Flair. Both guys had their formulas, but I say this using the Warrior Theorem. Savage got two **** matches out of Warrior that told two completely different stories. Flair, at worst gets Warrior to *** because of the Broomstick Rule. If Warrior has his working boots on, it's probably better but I don’t think reaches the heights Warrior had with Randy. However, I’m perfectly willing to concede that a past his prime Flair got *** out of David Flair, who on his best day wishes he was Warrior in the ring.

At best, what do you think Flair gets out of Warrior…if Warrior is willing to play ball?

Dude, Warrior could do press-slam and flex all day.  Flair could get him to a Luger **** match with no problem at all if Warrior was on board.