Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 11th May 2022

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

A reminder that Square sold off a number of IP, including Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, in order to get into the whole NFT scam thing and now that scene has basically collapsed

What a bunch of marks!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas should have NXT 2.0. I’ll be reviewing the 1995 New Japan BVD Cup. J will have more Dream Matches. Logan has some more WWF from 1991

News from Cultaholic

Alexa Bliss is back

About time they found her down the back of the sofa

Persia thinks that not a lot of people in WWE think they are safe from Nick Khan’s hatchet

Yeah I think everyone outside of a very small group are all expendable and can be cut at any time because WWE don’t commit to paying you for the full term of the contract. They have good reason to be nervous

Today’s match is Booker T Vs Psicosis

Have a gooden!