Dark Elevation?!?!?!

I'm sitting here and I see Alexa Bliss is returning to the ring. 

She's been (in-ring) part time and if not, on a severely reduced in-ring schedule for like 5 years and I don't think collectively the IWC has noticed. So, I figured I'd drop a line to the BoD, see who still around and chat for a few. 

The first thing I see is a review FROM YOU, for Dark Elevation. 

The B or C show?! 


Or is TK cutting a check?

If you getting paid, bless your heart. 

If you not, kick that shit to someone who is “trying to make a name.” I know you are busy. 

Regardless, hope all is well with you and yours. 



…what's wrong with reviewing Dark Elevation?  Sometimes I just want an easy 45 minute show with Mark Henry making animal sounds.  What am I gonna review, RAW?