ECW On Sci Fi – November 13, 2007

ECW On Sci Fi
Date: November 13, 2007
Location: Kansas Coliseum, Wichita, Kansas
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

It’s the last show before Survivor Series and that means it is time to hammer home the build towards CM Punk defending the ECW World Title against the Miz and John Morrison in a triple threat match. Miz has come a long way in recent weeks and Morrison is the top heel around here (or close to it) so that is as logical of a title match as they have right now. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

MVP/Mr. Kennedy vs. Hardys

Yay for guest stars and the theoretical Brand Split. Matt and Kennedy start things off with the fans being WAY behind Hardy (no word on if they mean Matt or Jeff). Kennedy gets taken into the corner so Jeff can slingshot in with a dropkick for an early two. It’s off to MVP to take over on Jeff but the villains are sent to the floor so Jeff can take both of them down with a dive.

Back in and a double elbow drops Kennedy for two but he is fine enough to knock Jeff down. MVP kicks Jeff out to the floor but Matt cuts MVP (his partner) off from getting to Jeff (his partner) as we take a break. We come back with MVP pulling on both arms before Kennedy grabs a seated abdominal stretch.

Jeff fights up and gets over to Matt, allowing some of the house to be cleaned, including the Side Effect for two on Kennedy. It’s right back to Jeff to miss the Swanton though and MVP drops an elbow for two. The seated abdominal stretch goes on for a bit before Kennedy adds a legdrop for two. Jeff fights up and hits the sitout gordbuster on MVP but gets sent to the apron. Kennedy pulls Jeff down by the hair, with Jeff landing HARD on the floor. MVP throws Jeff back in for the really quick pin.

Rating: C+. The ending was rather scary but maybe MVP throwing him back inside for the easy pin was a good sign as I would hope he wouldn’t do that if Jeff was really hurt. There was an interesting dynamic here focused on Matt, as he was in the middle of two different partners. MVP/Matt has gone on for a long time now and I’m wondering how long they can keep it as good as they have so far.

Post match MVP and Matt argue but MVP cuts off Kennedy’s running chair shot. MVP and Kennedy leave, allowing Matt to help Jeff (thankfully awake) walk to the back.

We look back at CM Punk vs. Jamie Noble on Smackdown, which saw some interference that left Punk laying.

Survivor Series Classic: the first one in 1987. Classic seems to fit for that one.

Here is Matt Striker in the ring for a chat. He has some good news for us: Big Daddy V isn’t here tonight because he has a bad cold. That is a good reminder to get your flu shot because it can help everything. V will be at Survivor Series though and he will dominate everyone. Cue Kane so Striker starts backing off in a hurry. Kane doesn’t mind and beats Striker down without much effort.

Melina/Layla vs. Kelly Kelly/Michelle McCool

Melina works on Michelle’s arm to start but Kelly comes in for a pretty bad looking double suplex. Kelly pulls Melina out of the corner for the sole purpose of flipping over into a rollup for two. That isn’t working for Melina, who takes her into the corner and then pull her back out. Kelly breaks that up in a hurry and hands it off to Michelle to clean house. A big boot finishes Melina.

Rating: D+. This would be one of those “well what were you expecting” matches. Kelly and Layla ware there as eye candy, Michelle is getting better but is still a work in progress and Melina is the one slightly polished worker in the match. This was designed to have women on camera and that’s all it was going to be.

Survivor Series rundown.


CM Punk vs. Jamie Noble

Non-title, Miz is on commentary and John Morrison comes out to join him before the bell. We take a break and come back joined in progress with a battle over arm control. Punk takes over with a front facelock as commentary talks about Miz’s hat. A backbreaker gives Punk two but Noble is back with a jumping knee to the arm.

The arm gets snapped back a few times and Noble cranks on it a bit to keep things on the mat. A comeback is cut off and Noble goes with something close to a keylock. That’s broken up with a Samoan drop into some Kawada kicks to give Punk a breather. Punk hits a powerslam but the springboard clothesline is pulled into a Fujiwara armbar. With that broken up, Noble tries the tiger driver but gets reversed into the GS for the pin.

Rating: C+. The focus on the commentary hurt this one a bit but other than that, they had a well put together match with a simple story of Noble going after the arm and Punk fighting through to catch him in the end. That’s an acceptable way to go with a TV main event, especially when the focal point was the people talking. Noble continues to be a valuable piece of any roster, as he is having one good performance after another.

Post match Miz and Morrison come in and beat Punk down to end the show.

Overall Rating: C. The important thing here is that this show felt energized. There was good enough action throughout and while that might be due to the guest stars, I wasn’t bored throughout the show. ECW’s biggest problem for a long time has been their lack of star power and that is starting to be solved, at least a bit, by having these Smackdown names come in. Keep that up and they might be on to something around here.




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