Mm hey Scott,

Know of any good books to read about the '80s wrestling scene that has loads of behind the scenes info and chicanery of that era?

I finished that Death of Territories and while it was informative, the sheer minutiae of how in East Bumfuck back in 85 the WWF drew 2900 fans then a week later the NWA drew 2300 was great for insomnia.

Hoping you have a couple that aren't just Hogans tall tales and incredible exaggerations.

Wish someone would put out a collection of road agent stories in a couple tomes.

I remember watching a Bret Hart thing where he was talking about a snitch road agent and Macho throwing his dialysis machine off a bridge or something like that 

Anyway, keep up the stellar work

Read the Bret Hart book if you haven’t already.  He detailed everything happening at the time and covers the entire 80s era. It’ll be right up your alley.