Tag-teams in general

Good morning Mr. Keith.  With FTR doing what they are doing, and me pumped about tonights match, and the AEW tag-team scene in general, I was wondering, why has Vince never really sinked his teeth into the dynamics and selling points of actualy tag-team wrestling since the early 90s?

Let's say, the breakup of the Rockers was the end of that era for tag-team wrestling.  You did have the steiners, harlem heat, LOD, a few others going back and forth, but nowhere near the plethora of teams previously and not now.  Then you kinda just had the NAO dominating.  The Hardys/Dudleys/E&C was more about the tornado car wreck aspects than actualy tag-team wrestling.  The Smackdown Six early had a breif but great run within the confines of tagging, NXT really took advantage of the talent they had.  But with the main shows for nearly the past 30 years, especially last 15, I feel Vince never the same effort as he did in the lat 80s.  Now its random partner tag-teams, short reigns, partners breaking up way too soon etc etc.  

Was actual tag-team wrestling selling shows in the WWE during the 80s/90s?  Does he have the same mindset of Eric Bishoff where as great as the matches could be, its the paying 4 guys instead of 2 for the same tv/ppv time?  

And any guesses on the dueling outfits FTR will be sporting tonight?  I'm gonna go Dash sporting Martels Purple trunks, and Dawson not giving up on Titos white Strike Force.

I think they'll go with Hart Foundation gear.  Just a hunch.

Tag team wrestling was never really a draw for Vince in the 80s, with a big caveat, in that he used specific tag team MATCHES to draw some big buyrates, such as the Megapowers v. Megabucks, or Hogan & Beefcake v. Zeus & Savage, or Hogan & Andre v. Studd & Bundy on the SNME and house show runs.  The only tag team in the 80s who was a legitimate draw were the Road Warriors, or maybe the Freebirds if we're expanding past the big two.  So the stance is kind of understandable on his part.