Barry Windham’s ceiling

So Lex Luger is seen as the poster boy for underachieving/choking in wrestling but what about Barry Windham? He was more talented in the ring then Luger and with the proper training could have had just as good a look. I know it was said about Barry that he
would rather have a hot blond and a sports car
then the world title, (which I completely understand and respect,) but if he was 100% all in how far could he have gone?
Windham didn't have the same kind of charisma that Luger did.  His best run was as the cool heel in the Horsemen, and that was kind of his upper limit.  The badass cowboy who probably could have carried the World title but was mostly doomed to irrelevance by the 90s anyway.  His play should have been transitioning to running the show as Dusty's #2 guy if he wanted to be long term.  But he didn't, and that's his choice, so good for him.