Bron and Rick and Joey and Kevin???

Now that Joey Gacy is dabbling in cult imagery and we have Rick Steiner involved with his son onscreen, can we get Kevin Sullivan tossed into the picture as Joey Gacy's secret mentor?

The Rick Steiner/Kevin Sullivan feud was a major part of the golden era of NWA/WCW in 1988-1990 and Sullivan coming to NXT could make for a good storyline. As far as Sullivan being introduced as Gacy's mentor and using him to continue to his feud with Rick by way of using Gacy as a surrogate son to terrorize Rick's son. And we could even get a revived Varsity Club or Dungeon of Doom out of it as well to feud with Bron and Rick and other NXT good guys. 

A Dungeon of Doom with Sullivan, Gacy, Harland, along with the Viking Raiders and Alexa Bliss could work to bring a shot of excitement to NXT as far as being a new group of villains for the good guys of NXT to fight. 

Jesse Baker
And…we just got BAKED.