The Apex Legend Killer Viper

Hot take here but did you know Randy Orton celebrated 20 years on the main roster yesterday? I assume he prob isn't a huge fan favorite on the blog since he isn't a Metzler guy with a bunch of fake 5 star matches, but man what a career he's had that is pretty much unmatched by anyone else. Has there been anyone else who has been such prominent performer for such a long stretch that has been either in or close to the main event for as long as he has? I mean even Flair had times when nobody wanted or saw value in him. Orton has always been solid in the ring, never been hurt much, has an all time finisher with its own highlight reel, won everything there is to win, been apart of some legendary angles, and is still going at a high level today. Love or hate him it's pretty crazy what he has managed to accomplish. 

Obviously it helped him being a 3rd generation wrestler, especially to get a couple more get out of jail free cards early on in his career. But he still deserves all the flowers in the world for all his accomplishments. And the fact he has never been better on the mic and in the ring now at 42 might be the craziest part. If he continues to avoid injury no reason he can't keep this up for another 8 to 10 years. He may not be the flashiest wrestler but I think that has been part of what made him so successful. He is able to tell stories in the ring with needing to spam you with a million moves. He may not have always been the nicest or most loved, I am sure the indy crowd still hates him over the dive stuff, but is it fair to say at end of the day he goes down top 10?

Top 10 what exactly?