Impact Wrestling – April 14, 2022

Impact Wrestling
Date: April 14, 2022
Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt, Tom Hannifan

We’re back to a regular show after last week’s Multiverse Of Matches special. With less than a month to go before Rebellion, it’s time for some of the final push towards the pay per view and the build could use some help. The main event will see Moore defending the World Title against Josh Alexander and things have already gotten personal. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at Josh Alexander on the hunt for Moose.

Here is W. Morrissey to say he’s glad to be here on his own terms. We hear about him having a bad time here last time at the lowest point of his career when he was taken out by EMTs. Now he is back, clean and sober, and for the first time he knows he is not alone because of everyone here. The people gave him a second chance and opportunities so he is going to take every one of them.

Cue Brian Myers to interrupt and say that he isn’t impressed. Myers thinks Morrissey is going to be taken out of here again so the chase is on, with Morrissey catching him without much effort. A table is set up at ringside but here is Chelsea Green for a distraction so Matt Cardona can come in and take Morrissey down with a Digital Media Title shot. Green offers a slap off the apron so it’s a double powerbomb through the table. So at least Morrissey now has an actual challenge for a change.

We run down the Rebellion card.

Ring Of Honor Women’s Title: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Willow Nightingale

Nightingale is challenging in another of Purrazzo’s Champ Champ Challenges. Purrazzo throws her down by the hair to start and then pounds away in the corner. Nightingale scores with a superkick for a quick two though and we take a break. Back with Purrazzo taking her down by the hair but getting caught with a standing bulldog for a breather.

A Pounce sets up a Cannonball in the corner to give Nightingale two more but Purrazzo kicks her in the face. The armbar is broken up so Nightingale comes back with the Babe Bomb (Death Valley Driver) for two. Nightingale loads up a clothesline but gets pulled into the Venus de Milo to retain Purrazzo’s title at 9:31.

Rating: C. This was another match to make Purrazzo look good before she probably meets her demise as the Champ Champ. What matters here is that they got Nightingale on TV again, as I would be shocked if she doesn’t get signed somewhere based on her most recent appearances. Not much drama here, but Purrazzo picking someone apart is fun.

We look back at Nick Aldis/Mickie James beating Chelsea Green/Matt Cardona at Multiverse of Matches.

James says she isn’t done with Green because this is just getting started. Green pops up behind her and the fight is on until Cardona grabs James from behind. A few hard shots leave James laying.

Tasha Steelz isn’t scared of Rosemary and hasn’t forgotten their history together. Now things have changed and it’s time for Steelz to get her revenge. Hold on as Decay pops up on screen and says their flavor tastes of Steelz’s own decay. I’m not sure what that means but it sounds good so I’ll take it.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Rocky Romero

Non-title and they shake hands before we get going. A headlock takeover doesn’t get Romero very far so they’re back up with a standoff. Romero takes him down again and Gresham is starting to look a bit frustrated. A whip into the corner is countered by a quick drop to the mat (that’s a new one) and Gresham knocks him down as we take an early break.

Back with Gresham working on a hammerlock as Eddie Edwards is watching backstage. Romero fights out and starts working on the arm, setting up the required exchange of chops. The Forever Clotheslines are broken up and they’re both knocked down again. Gresham gets knocked to the floor for the running hurricanrana but Gresham is right back up with the suicide dive. Back in and Gresham grabs a rollup with the limbs trapped for the pin at 10:44.

Rating: C+. Take two talented guys and give them some time on television and you get a positive result. That was the case here, as they had a nice match with some good action. Gresham has become the guy in recent weeks around the wrestling world and he keeps putting on one nice match after another. Romero might be hit or miss for you, but this was a nice look at both of them.

Post match they shake hands again.

Video on Josh Alexander vs. Moose, with the latter stealing the World Title at Bound For Glory with the Call Your Shot title match. Then Alexander had to go through the roster, got sent home, and then came back to go after Moose. That caused Moose to go after Alexander’s family, including spearing Alexander’s wife at an independent show. Now the title match is on, after a heck of a video to recap a months long feud.

Mike Bailey is training when Ace Austin comes in to suggest their partnership continue at Rebellion, but Bailey doesn’t seem interested.

Alex Shelley vs. Steve Maclin

Chris Sabin is here with Shelley, who grabs a headlock to start before switching to a front facelock. Back up and Maclin gets in a few shots, only to be sent out to the floor. They get back in with Shelley chopping away and starting on the arm. Maclin gets sent outside but they switch places, allowing Maclin to hit a suicide dive. A backbreaker gives Maclin two and it’s time to stay on the back.

Shelley fights up and hits a running forearm, setting up Sliced Bread for two. The Downward Spiral into the buckle sends Maclin outside again, where he is fine enough to hit a running knee to the face. Shelley grabs Sliced Bread off the barricade to drop Maclin again but the top rope double stomp misses back inside. Maclin’s rollup with feet on the ropes is broken up by Sabin so Shelley grabs Shell Shock for the pin at 10:00.

Rating: C+. Maclin continues to be someone who has come a long way in Impact. He was never given a real chance to shine in WWE and it is nice to see him getting this kind of a chance somewhere else. Putting him in there with someone as good as Shelley is going to give him a lot of help and he looked good here in defeat.

Madison Rayne used a chair to beat Jesse McKay on BTI. Then the Influence fired Kaleb With A K, allowing W. Morrissey to powerbomb him through a table.

Gisele Shaw apologized to Rayne for her loss, meaning Kaleb With A K, but Rayne points out that he was fired. Shaw seems to imply violence.

Video on Moose, who will do anything he wants to win and then keep the World Title. If that means taking out Josh Alexander’s family, so be it. Now he’s ready for Alexander at Rebellion.

Here is Honor No More for a chat. Eddie Edwards talks about the wrestling history in Philadelphia, from ECW to Ring of Honor, with the most passionate fans in wrestling. Honor No More knows that isn’t the truth though because these are the most fickle fans in all of wrestling. They don’t care about any of these people because they want to see the next shiny thing.

Mike Bennett runs down the city and Matt Taven can’t believe that so many people turned on him when he was saving Ring of Honor. Cue the Bullet Club to interrupt, with Jay White not thinking much of Taven. Everyone knows Bullet Club is the best and they think we should be seeing some Thank You’s to the Club. They talk about how they put the Kingdom on the map in Japan in 2015. Anderson: “Hi Maria.”

That’s not cool with Bennett, but Maria talks about how they won’t bother saying they’re for live because Honor No More is more original than that. The big brawl is on in the ring and then onto the floor, with PCO hitting a top rope flip dive. PCO is in the main event so let’s get his opponent out here.

Jonah vs. PCO

Everyone else is gone as Jonah sends PCO into the corner for the running splash. A backdrop puts Jonah on the floor and it’s time to brawl outside. Jonah misses a charge into the post and PCO hits a neckbreaker. PCO’s neck is banged up though….so he grabs a roll of duct tape and wraps it around his neck as a makeshift brace. That’s a new one and the delay lets Jonah knock him down again.

We take a break and come back with Jonah working on a waistlock. A buckle bomb is no sold and it’s a running clothesline to drop Jonah. They get back up and slug it out again, with Jonah’s Tombstone getting one, meaning it’s time for the real beating. PCO DDTs Jonah and a high crossbody gets two, followed by some middle rope headbutts. A top rope headbutt gets two but the PCOsault misses. The DeAnimator only hits apron to knock PCO silly and the Tsunami finishes for Jonah at 14:02.

Rating: C. PCO is one of the most unique guys in wrestling and a win over him still means something. That was the case for Jonah here, as he got his second win over PCO in another monster brawl. Jonah is getting somewhere and could be a star if he is able to get a chance higher up on the card, as WWE continues to look odd for letting him go.

Post match PCO sits straight up so Jonah unloads on him and grabs a chair to keep up the beating. Another Tsunami onto the chair keeps PCO down to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. This was another good show for Impact and I want to see Rebellion more than I did in the last few weeks. Hopefully they are going to have one more push next week and then blow the whole thing off at the pay per view. Another efficient show here with some solid action but without giving away the big stuff for the important show. Nice job here.



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