The Punk Foundation


It's no secret CM Punk has been very out there lately with his admiration of Bret Hart (rightfully so) and all the little touches & tributes to him. Seeing as how AEW visits Chicago about as regularly as WWF went to Canada during 1997, could you see a CM Punk AEW heel turn being structured like Bret's was, but it's Punk being loyal specifically to Chicago like Bret was everyone except the USA?

My brain says it won't really work cuz Punk is so over that turning him will not quite work (getting Austin at Mania 17 vibes), but I'm also imagining moments like FTR coming out in leather jackets to embrace him at a Chicago show & the crazy pops that will get…

I don’t get where the heat would be.  Bret’s turn was based on real feelings that Canada has towards the US and real things that were happening to him both on screen and backstage. Punk would just be a heel turn.