NXT UK Talent observations

Good morning Mr. Keith.  Hope all is well and safe.

I don't know how many of you and your readers follow this show, as i only catch it after a i hear of a banger of a match(lthis weeks 2/3 falls tag match!) and keep forgetting its on, but I'm glad that this show still exists.

Having said that, pre-covid, I absolutely thought the sky is the limit for British Strong Style & WALTER.  Mustache Mountain have been my favorite babyface tag-team since their feud with Undisputed, and now it looks like they are breaking off before i can see them against the plethora of teams out there in the buisness.  I don't even think we got them against The Revival in nxt!!! If we did can someone steer me in that direction!  And having said that, Tyler Bate has some of the best babyface work in wrestling today!!!  And its not being utilitzed.

WALTER's reign was an absolute thing of beauty, and even with the slim down he's gone through, they have not capitilized on him being an unstoppoble force like they easily could have since dropping the title.

Pete Dunne.  This guy was giving me the same Benoit workrate feels of mid 90s wcw when i was a kid, and he should be breaking fingers with talent that can take the punishment and dish it out, but from what i read he's……a rabid street rat in a mans body or something i dunno wtf to make of that. 

Love & Thunder can't get on screen soon enough! 

Man Tyler Bate is such a waste of talent at this point.  He was looking like the next big star for a while there and he’s just done nothing since getting shipped back to the UK pre Covid.