AEW Match Types

Can you please tell me the difference between a Texas Death Match and a Street Fight and a No Holds Barred match and a Lights Out Match in AEW?  And how they differ from regular matches in AEW that almost never have dqs or countouts?  Thanks.

Eh, the other AEW troll does it better.  2/10.

Regardless, it's not like people haven't been mocking the trope of “Similar hardcore match types” since Vince Russo beat them into the ground in the Attitude era 20 years before AEW existed, but to play along…

– A Texas Death match has no pinfalls and only ends by submission or knockout, regardless of whether it's in the ring or elsewhere in the building.  

A Street Fight has all weapons and interference legal, but the pinfall has to occur in the ring.  

– A Lights Out match has all weapons and interference legal, and pinfalls can occur anywhere in the building.  Additionally, because the match is considered to be “non-sanctioned”, the results do not count toward the win-loss records of the people involved.  

There you go.