Go Away SamTay Heat

So will a heel turn really save Sammy and Tay? This seems like how things started for Cody and look at that turned out. It's not just how obnoxious the two are on social media, all the gross sex stuff, and how things went down with his now ex fiancé that I think turned people off. Their attitude has totally made things worse. He also luckily recovered from the Sasha debacle, but now there is a new/old clip of him saying the same thing about Miley Cryrus and rape. I just don't know how a heel turn will save them from the go away heat they have. And it's not just Sammy that seems ruined, Tay went from a loveable underdog to a sketchy chick real fast. She had a nice story of proving wwe somewhat wrong to yuck gross real fast. 

And the worst part is now the TNT title is collateral damage in all of this. The booking of it since Cody won has been terrible. When Miro had it the belt was almost as desirable as the heavyweight title, now it's on par with the 24/7 title. TK said Scorpio's win was planned months ago, are we gonna really believe this is what he came up with? Sammy winning over the weekend made no sense and did not do him any favors as well. Plus Scorpio came out looking like a chump. If he was gonna drop it so fast they should let Wardlow take it off him. Imagine how pissed MJF would of been since he has yet to win a title himself. So much they could of done there. Do you think maybe they both need to take a little hiatus and come back separately on TV? With the way things stand currently I am not sure how Sammy can still be considered a pillar to build around. 

I don't know if it'll “save” him but I think it's worth a try, because Sammy is such a douchebag with a punchable face that keeping him as a top babyface prospect is suicide anyway.  

Just think though: The real heat is gonna be when he cheats on TAY and they have a public and messy breakup on social media.