The Love Vigilantes (Sammy and Tay edition)

Wouldn't the solution to the Sammy Guevara problem be to have him lose a match against Dan Lambert (not his surrogates but Dan himself), where if Sammy loses, he and Tay are legally forbidden from public displays of affection on camera on AEW TV? Meaning when they are on Dynamite or Rampage or Dark or on PPVs, they can be together but all business like but can do whatever and be all lovey dovey as they want off the clock and off-camera? 

Would build some sympathy for them, make Dan Lambert an even bigger heel, and allow Tony a big moment when Sammy and Tay eventually say “screw you Dan” and break the stipulation and kiss in the ring and have the crowd erupt in cheers for the couple! 

Jesse Baker
That’s some wishful thinking on your part.