Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 17th April 2022

Happy Easter Everyone!

I was actually gifted Crème Egg and Rolo (do you folks have Rolo’s over the pond?) Easter Eggs at work, so I might actually have some chocolate this weekend (I’m more a crisps and pizza guy when it’s time to misbehave food wise, but I don’t hate chocolate or anything).

In an unrelated note, anyone here tried that Hot White Chocolate at Tim Hortons? It looks interesting and I can handle white chocolate most of the time. Is it good or overpowering?

Blog poster, and all around good sandwich, Rick, was at the New Japan show in Chicago and his Twitter was awash of lots of pictures that left me green with envy. He got to meet Jay White, so I think that officially means Rick wins Easter!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas have Battle of the Belts II covered. Maffew has posted another UWF Fury Hour. Still time to read my ECW review from yesterday. More Joshi Spotlight from J coming up. Logan journeys to 1991.

News from Cultaholic

Virgil has dementia

I once met Virgil at a convention and he taught me the proper way to apply a wristlock, so he’s okay in my book. All the best to him

Kay Lee Ray and Kacy Catanzaro get new NXTriffic names

That strikes me as kind of counterproductive considering that Kay Lee had already established herself with that big NXT:UK Title run and Catanzaro had real life accolades from doing Ninja Warrior, so to change either name defeats the purpose of getting them over. It’s like when they renamed Monty Brown to Marcus Cor Von but would then talk about him winning a Super Bowl ring. If you’re going to play up what someone did in their pre-WWE life and make it part of their character then it doesn’t make sense to then change their name. It’s basically WWE trying to have their cake and eat it too, and it all does is make them look silly

Today’s match is John Cena Vs Jesus (No, not that one)

Have a gooden!