Dumbest Rules In Wrestling?

Hi Scott.  What rules in pro-wrestling do you think are the dumbest?  My Top 3 are:  1.) Wrestlers that aren't eliminated in a Battle Royal get to stay on the floor as long as they want.  2.)  Having wrestlers follow tag-team rules in no D.Q. matches.  3.)  Having there be no D.Q. rules in Triple Threat/Fatal 4-way, etc. matches.    

The first one isn’t actually a rule.  There’s precedent for guys getting sent back if they aren’t engaging. 

I really hate the “both feet touch the floor” stip for the Rumbles because it’s just a technicality that has turned into a very played out trope.  If you get thrown out and any part of your body hits the floor, you’re OUT.  That should be the rule.