NXT UK – April 14, 2022

Date: April 14, 2022
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

We’re in an interesting place here as this is one of the few shows without a title match over the next few weeks. Instead we have A-Kid vs. Teoman in a match that should be worth a look and some other stuff that should work out as well. This kind of show tends to work well for NXT UK so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Coffey Brothers vs. Dave Mastiff/Jack Starz

Joe and Mastiff collide to start but the shoulders don’t send either of them anywhere. Mastiff tries it again to some more success before bringing in Starz. This doesn’t go as well as Joe takes him into the corner for the tag to Mark and some arm cranking. A double atomic drop sets up a backbreaker for two but Starz manages a dropkick. Joe gets driven into the corner for a change and the tag brings in Mastiff.

That actually doesn’t go well at first as Joe tries a slam, only to have Starz hit a dropkick to the back to knock Mastiff onto him. A slingshot splash gives Starz two, with Nigel wondering how Joe isn’t spitting up Irn Bru. Joe finally gets up and sends Starz at Mastiff, which is enough for a tag and another splash crushes Joe again. With the power not working, Joe gets in a shot to the face and hits a middle rope missile dropkick for the needed breather.

The hot tag brings in Mark to clean house and a middle rope bulldog gets two on Starz. A half nelson suplex is broken up though and Starz gets in a much needed backdrop. Mastiff comes back in but gets enziguried, only to have Joe tag himself in. Joe tries to get the pin himself but the delay lets Mastiff knock him silly. Starz’s powerbomb finishes Joe at 8:32.

Rating: C+. This got a bit of time and the story continues to be the issues between Gallus. They can’t win a match at the moment and I’m curious to see if it leads to a heel turn, a split or both. Starz has come a LONG way since he was the designated victim and this big guy/little guy team with Mastiff is working. The result was a bit predictable but I liked the match.

Post match the winners are happy and the losers aren’t. Wolfgang comes out to calm things down but Joe yells about how Mark and Wolfgang are the team and walks off.

Video on Ilja Dragunov retaining the United Kingdom Title last week over Roderick Strong.

After the match, the two of them met up in the back, with Strong saying Dragunov is special but they’ll see each other again. They shake hands but Jordan Devlin comes in to say he’s the Irish Ace. Dragunov sneers a bit.

Video on Kenny Williams vs. Sam Gradwell, as Williams keeps pushing Gradwell, who seems ready to push back. They’ll be having a back alley brawl, which Williams says is a mistake for Gradwell. This gets some time and they make it look a good bit bigger than it had been coming in.

Here is Meiko Satomura for a chat about wanting her title back. Satomura wants Isla Dawn out here with the title right now so here is a laughing Dawn to respond. The lights dim and the camera gets a bit weird as Dawn talks about getting attached to the title. They have a future together, but she is willing to hand it back over on one condition: a rematch, under Dawn’s own chaotic rules. Dawn throws the title down and stares at her as the rematch is accepted. That works for Dawn, who mists Satomura and says she’ll get the title back in a world of darkness.

Amale will be watching Eliza Alexander’s match and says she is still full of rage. It is a matter of time before she gets her hands on Eliza and Xia Brookside.

Gallus argued during the break and Joe Coffey left.

Mark Andrews says he and Wild Boar have been friends for fifteen years. The only time that hasn’t been the case was when Eddie Dennis got involved. Boar promises to hurt Dennis as soon as he gets the chance. Andrews holds up a chair and Boar says Symbiosis is the hunted.

Eliza Alexander vs. Angel Hayze

This is Alexander’s in-ring debut and Xia Brookside is in her corner. Alexander grabs a headlock to start as we hear about Brookside’s father training Alexander when she was 13. Hayze grabs a rollup for two but gets taken down with a clothesline to the back of the head. There’s a kick to the back and the fans aren’t pleased with Alexander. The slow beating continues with Alexander dragging her around by the wrist but Hayze gets in some shots of her own. A Sling Blade gives Hayze two but Alexander cuts her off with another clothesline. One heck of a running knee knocks Hayze silly for the pin at 3:09.

Rating: C. That knee alone is going to get Alexander noticed as she blasted Hayze with that thing. Other than that, you had little more than a squash here, as Alexander toyed with her for a few minutes before getting serious to finish it off. Good debut here, though there is only so much to get out of something like this.

Emilia McKenzie talks about training hard and being successful thanks to coaching from Meiko Satomura. Stevie Turner pops in to say Satomura is helping McKenzie because Satomura doesn’t see her as a threat. McKenzie seems to think about it.

Moustache Mountain is ready for their 2/3 falls Tag Team Title defense against Oliver Carter/Ashton Smith. This includes Trent Seven being a good bit more nefarious lately as he has to keep the titles.

Teoman vs. A-Kid

The rest of Die Familie is here with Teoman. Feeling out process to start with A-Kid taking him to the mat. That doesn’t last long so let’s have a standoff. Teoman gets in a kick to the chest out of the corner but A-Kid seems pleased that things are picking up. A headlock takeover puts Teoman down but he switches into a headscissors. That’s reversed into a bow and arrow but Teoman slips out to land on top for a quick two.

A-Kid starts cranking on the ankle, which is reversed into a crossarm choke. With that not working either, A-Kid pops up for a dropkick to stagger Teoman again. Charlie Dempsey offers a distraction though and Teoman hits a dropkick down to the floor. Back in and the chinlock goes on for a bit, followed by a forearm to the back of A-Kid’s neck. A slam cuts off a comeback attempt but Teoman hurts his own knee to slow things back down.

The delay lets A-Kid fight up and chop away and a loud kick to the chest gets two. There’s a fisherman’s suplex for the same but Teoman is back with a kind of brainbuster onto the knee, setting up a sliding forearm for two of his own. A cross armbreaker is blocked as Teoman rolls over to the ropes, sending both of them to the apron. Teoman misses a sliding forearm and goes into the steps so A-Kid moonsaults onto the rest of Die Familie. The distraction lets Teoman hit a reverse flipping DDT for the pin at 11:12.

Rating: B. I keep going back and forth on both of these guys as they both seem ready to move up to the next level but it never seem to happen. Teoman does seem like the leader of the team, though Charlie Dempsey gets my attention every time he’s in there. As for A-Kid, he seems to be falling further and further down each week, even after that random NXT cameo. At least they had a good match here though, which shouldn’t be a surprise.

Teoman yells about the Eye seeing everything to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. They had a series of good matches this week, though it is kind of interesting that we seem to be getting back to Jordan Devlin as the challenger for the United Kingdom Title. I have long since thought that Devlin would be getting the title, though I’m not sure if Dragunov is anywhere close to being ready to lose the belt. Other than that, this was a show about moving stories forward and as usual, NXT did it fairly well.

Jack Starz/Dave Mastiff b. Coffey Brothers – Powerbomb to Joe
Eliza Alexander b. Angel Hayze – Running knee
Teoman b. A-Kid – Flipping reverse DDT




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