Ricky Starks & AEW wrestlers getting emotional

I thought Starks fighting back tears as his hometown crowd gives him the pop of a lifetime was the highlight of Dynamite. But what really struck me is how such a beautiful moment has happened several times in AEW – most recently, Toni Storm upon her debut just a couple weeks ago.

Isn't that nice to see? I feel like we get real jaded as wrestling fans and it's such a wonderful change of pace to see folks really enjoying themselves. And I think it's bleeding over to WWE since Cody at Mania and even Nattie at NXT (insert jokes) had that same look of appreciation upon a mega pop. 

I'm really happy for Ricky to get his moment like that.  Especially for someone who came into his own as a star during a time when there were no fans and had the previous shows in his hometown cancelled twice.