Wrestling memorabilia

Curious about something: do you own any ring used wrestling memorabilia or any kind? What is your thought on the subject of people who collect stuff like special event chairs, ring worn gear and masks, and other such items?

Jesse Baker

Hey, if you're a grownup, spend your money on what makes you happy.  I don't bother with wrestling memorabilia but then I probably don't NEED to line my wall with every stupid video game mini-system and portable retro handheld that comes out and yet my wife tolerates it and enables my nonsense.  Plus the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus is awesome and plays No Mercy at full speed so that was the best $100 I ever spent.  I still haven't picked up either variation of the Turbo Grafx / PC Engine mini because I'm not ENTIRELY made of money and it was never my scene anyway.  And yet I agonize over spending $100 on a good pair of Skechers despite being on my feet at work all day because the human brain is a weird thing.  

Sorry, what was the question?