The New Tito?

Mr. Keith,

You’ve called Tito Santana a geek for wearing the Strike Force gear after Martel turned on him.  What would you say about FTR still wearing the Tully Blanchard boots after firing him as their manager?  Does it make them geeks or is it their way of rubbing it in to Tully that they dropped him?  Also, besides Tito, any other good examples of someone wearing team gear a bit too long after a breakup besides Ricky Morton?

If FTR wants to wear Tully's boots for the rest of their careers, they've earned it after the last week and we should just respect them for it.  
Not quite the same as a tag team breakup, but Tatanka really should have changed his gear after turning on Lex Luger.  Also for a more recent example, Roman Reigns clung to the Shield gear for YEARS longer than he should have, after both Rollins and the other guy who's coming back next month moved on and reinvented themselves mutliple times.