Smackdown – October 26, 2007

Date: October 26, 2007
Location: Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

It’s the final show before Cyber Sunday and if Raw and ECW are any indication, this show might be a bit rough. You can only get so far with the focus being on setting up a stipulation or decision that you don’t find out until the pay per view, but at least with the World Title match it is only about the referee. Maybe this one will work a bit better. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We open with the VIP Lounge with Matt Hardy as his co-host (Matt: “What’s up homie?”) and Finlay and Rey Mysterio as his guests. MVP asks for things to stay calm but Finlay talks about beating Rey up time after time. He brings up the possible stipulations at Cyber Sunday, including stretcher match, No DQ or Shillelagh on a Pole. Rey brings up MVP having to face Matt Hardy in an MMA fight, a boxing match or just a wrestling match. MVP doesn’t want to hear it and talks about the upcoming tag match tonight. Rey and Finlay, partners tonight, get in a fight though and we wrap it up.

Batista looks at a clip of his interview with JBL last week where JBL called him a coward and got beaten up. He’s cool with anyone as referee as long as they stay out of his way. He is NOT afraid of Undertaker and there is a first time for everything, including him beating Undertaker.

Kane vs. Mark Henry

Kane has bad ribs coming in thanks to Big Daddy V on ECW. Henry drops him with a headbutt to start so Kane tries a slam. That just leaves the bad ribs open so Henry can hammer them down and the bearhug goes on. The ribs are driven into the corner but Kane is right back with the chokeslam for the fast pin.

You can vote for Mick Foley to referee Undertaker vs. Batista so here’s a look at him.

We look at the final Diva Search competition and here are both women to tell us why you SHOULDN’T vote for the other one. Apparently Eve Torres looks too much like a man and there is only room for one Brooke in WWE.


MVP/Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio/Finlay

Non-title. Matt and Finlay start things off with Finlay being driven into the corner. That means a tag off to Rey so Matt works on his wrist. MVP comes in and gets taken down with a running headscissors and it’s right back to Matt vs. Finlay. It’s Matt being put on the mat this time and Rey comes back in, only to get stomped in the corner. MVP kicks Rey to the floor where Rey comes up limping, meaning Finlay has a target back inside.

Rey is fine enough to kick him down, allowing Finlay to come back in and sit on MVP’s back. MVP faceplants Rey so Matt can come back in but both teams get in a fight as we take a break. Back with MVP and Finlay squaring off but Rey won’t take Finlay’s tag. Rey comes in a few seconds later and hits the running legdrop as JBL brings up the Killer Bees for the first time in about twenty five years.

Matt comes in and gets caught with a hurricanrana, which busts him WAY open. The Side Effect plants Rey but he’s able to bring Finlay in to go after Matt’s busted head. On the other hand, Rey can’t bring himself to hit him but he can go after MVP. A double 619 drops Matt and MVP, only to have Finlay hit Rey with the Shillelagh. The Playmaker gives MVP the academic pin.

Rating: C. This was a weird one as the match was designed to set up the two singles matches at Cyber Sunday, though since they are going to be happening no matter what and the stipulations don’t tie in here. Then they tried to have a regular match on top of that, making this a bit hard to pull off. It wasn’t bad, but I was hoping they would pick something and stick with it instead of doing everything.

Video on Batista vs. Undertaker.

Armando Estrada is happy with Vickie Guerrero’s efforts on the Smackdown/ECW working relationship. Tonight, it’s an ECW triple threat and he has to get things ready. Jamie Noble comes in and begs for an easier night. He suggests Vickie is, ahem, lonely and she seems into it…before giving him Batista tonight. Noble: “YOU’RE VIOLATING MY BODY!” Then he imitates Batista’s pyro and yells a lot.

Batista vs. Jamie Noble

Non-title. Spear, spinebuster and Batista Bomb finish in about a minute.

Post match Batista goes after JBL and slams his fist on the announcers’ table but JBL no sells it.

You can vote for Steve Austin to referee Undertaker vs. Batista so here’s a look at him.

Batista has a book.

Miz vs. John Morrison vs. Big Daddy V

Matt Striker is here with V, who throws them into the corner for the big double splash (JBL: “THE RING MOVED!”). They head outside where Miz and Morrison avoid a charge to send V into the post for a change. That leaves Morrison to kick Miz in the head for two but Miz snaps him throat first across the top. V is back up with a clothesline to take Miz’s head off, setting up a Samoan drop on Morrison. The spinning Boss Man Slam plants Miz and the big elbow is good for the pin.

Rating: D+. What is there to say here? The match wasn’t good and it wasn’t long but the monster crushed the other two as he should have. V shouldn’t be breaking a sweat against almost any two and he did well here, though ECW has made Miz the favorite for the title shot by default.

Raw Rebound.

Jesse and Festus vs. Joe Hennig/Steve Fender

It is the genesis of Hennig’s WWE career. Festus runs over Fender to start as JBL tries to figure out what might have happened to Festus during his childhood. A Rocket Launcher finishes for Jesse in less than a minute.

Cyber Sunday rundown.

JBL is in the ring to explain why we should vote for him in a landslide. He brags about how rich and powerful he is and asks about why you would want a stuntman or a beer drinker as referee. We get a campaign style ad on why we should vote for him, because he has never pulled a gun on his boss like Steve Austin, or thrown himself off a rooftop like Mick Foley.

Some lackeys bring out VOTE FOR JBL shirts, which are given out to Michael Cole, Lilian Roberts and the ring announcer, whose name JBL can’t remember. As for now though, Undertaker can come out here and get his own shirt. After JBL chants his own name, here is Undertaker to cut him off. Undertaker takes his time but eventually JBL offers him a shirt. JBL hits his catchphrase and gets chokeslammed but here is Batista to spear Undertaker to end the show.

Overall Rating: C-. This wasn’t working for me again and that comes from the same problem that has been around for the last few weeks: we’re focusing on the things that don’t change much about the match rather than the matches itself. This show was more about JBL being the referee with the Undertaker vs. Batista stuff being added in at the end. The rest of the show wasn’t exactly interesting either and they really need to move on to a traditional build soon, because this doesn’t work very well.



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