Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit Today?

Hey Scott, hope all is well.

Obviously we all wish things would have been different for both Eddie and Chris for a multitude of reasons and wish we could change things to where both were still with us and healthy.

However, had things been different and both were able to retire properly and end up as trainers and agents for WWE now, do you think that WWE's in-ring product would be better overall? It
just feels like this is a talented roster that is lacking that storytelling ability when in that ring.

To be honest, I don't know that training would have been the strong suit for either guy.  Benoit never felt like the kind of person who excelled at teaching in the same way someone like William Regal did.  He always struck me as the guy who would get pissed off and just show them how to do it himself.  And Eddie was reportedly so much in his own head all the time at the end that I don't think he would have been really effective in that role either.  

What I really wish is that Bret Hart had been able to stick around in the role he was promised, because I think HE would have been the guy who could have excelled in the trainer and agent roles.  But now it's probably too late for that.