ECW On Sci Fi – October 23, 2007

ECW On Sci Fi
Date: October 23, 2007
Location: Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

We’re on the way to Cyber Sunday and ECW actually has something on the card. The fans get to pick CM Punk’s challenger for the ECW World Title, but there is more going on this week. We also have some more issues between Miz and Balls Mahoney, as they are kind of fighting over Kelly Kelly. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here is the Miz with Extreme Expose to get things going. Miz recaps the idea of the fans voting for CM Punk’s challenger on Sunday and goes over his fellow options. Big Daddy V is a monster but John Morrison is a fruitcake. That leaves you with the man that the Mizfits will vote for in droves, but for now he needs to deal with Kelly Kelly.

Last week, she went on a date with Balls Mahoney, which Miz told her not to do. Since Miz owns her contract, she could be gone from ECW and her career would be over. The thing is though he is a nice guy so he is going to make her life miserable week after week. Cue John Morrison to interrupt and ask where the tool’s hat is this week. Neither of them want Big Daddy V in the title match but Miz needs to face reality: no one is going to vote for him.

As for now though, Morrison would like to know why Kelly Kelly associates with a loser like Miz. Why not elevate yourself to someone who has beaten CM Punk? He knows Kelly wants to spend the night in the Palace of Wisdom, which is enough to earn Morrison a slap to the face. Cue Balls Mahoney, who gets taken down by Miz and Morrison. Miz turns his back on Morrison though and gets knocked outside. Cue CM Punk to knock Morrison to the floor for a bonus.

Post break, Miz yells at Morrison but Armando Estrada comes in to make the two of them vs. Mahoney/Punk in tonight’s main event.

Kane vs. Big Daddy V

Matt Striker is here with V. Kane wastes no time in striking away but V runs him over with a clothesline. The slam sets up some shouting before Kane gets pounded in the corner. A sidewalk slam plants Kane and V sends him outside to keep up the beating. There’s a whip into the steps and we take a break. Back with V mounting Kane on the mat because this is WWE’s best idea for a monster like him. Kane fights out of a chinlock and strikes away, setting up the running corner clothesline. There’s the top rope clothesline but Mark Henry of all people comes in to go after Kane for the DQ.

Rating: D. What else were you expecting from these two having a match that involved V mounting Kane? There is only so much that Kane can do when he is the more mobile of the two and that was on display here. I could see a rather messy four way coming from this, which would certainly be a spectacle. Not good, but a spectacle.

Post match here is Great Khali as this feels like fan fiction. V and Khali fight off (oh dear), leaving Kane to kick Henry to the floor.

Smackdown Rebound.

CM Punk and Balls Mahoney are ready for their tag match later tonight. Punk asks how Mahoney’s date with Kelly Kelly went and gets a big grin. Punk: “Balls, that is disturbing.” Mahoney: “Yeah, that’s what she said too.” I don’t think Punk knows how to handle that one.

Next week: Kane vs. Great Khali vs. Big Daddy V vs. Mark Henry in a Monster Mash Battle Royal. There’s your spectacle.

Elijah Burke vs. Nunzio

Fallout from Burke walking out on Nunzio during a tag match last week. Burke starts fast by sending Nunzio into the post and pounding away at his chest. A running crotch attack to the back of Nunzio’s neck gets two but Nunzio fights out of a chinlock. That doesn’t last long as Burke knocks him back down and grabs the chinlock sequel. Nunzio fights up again and hits the Sicilian Slice for two, only to get caught in an STO. The Elijah Express finishes for Burke.

Rating: C-. This was just a squash for Burke, who continues to be something of a player around here. I would assume he probably gets some house show title shots so keeping him strong here makes sense. Nunzio is good for a match like this as you need someone to beat on and the fans still respond to him well enough.

Great Khali rants about something.

Big Daddy V is ready for a Monster Mash Battle Royal.

CM Punk/Balls Mahoney vs. Miz/John Morrison

Punk and Miz get things going with Punk grabbing an early headlock. The middle rope spinning crossbody gives Punk two and it’s off to Mahoney to start working on the arm. Punk is already back in for an armbar but Miz throws Mahoney down to take over. Morrison comes in and gets taken down by the hair to put him in some quick trouble. A shot to the face drops Morrison again but Mahoney misses the top rope legdrop.

Miz’s legsweep gets two as commentary talks about Mahoney and Kelly Kelly’s date. Morrison can’t get very far with a chinlock so he kicks Mahoney in the face for two instead. A Miz chinlock works a bit better but Mahoney fights out of it as well and brings in Punk to clean house. Everything breaks down and Miz clotheslines Morrison by mistake. Mahoney cuts Miz off and the GTS finishes Morrison.

Rating: C. Even with the lower level Mahoney in there, I don’t think there was ever any real drama. Maybe Miz or Morrison could grab a fluke rollup to pin Punk and build themselves up for Sunday, but that was about the only option. ECW is basically telling you to vote for Miz here, as Morrison just got pinned (again) and Big Daddy V is busy with the other monsters. It’s Miz’s vote to win and that isn’t a bad idea.

Overall Rating: C-. Much like Raw this week, there is only so much that can be done when you don’t have a concrete match to build towards. Punk is trying to find a challenger but the candidates all have their own deals going on. The battle royal sounds like a fun match that I won’t ever need to see again but for a big Halloween style deal, it should be a nice way to go. Having a clear cut program would be nicer though and we can get to that starting next week.




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