Halloween Havoc indeed

Just what WAS the deal with the Goldberg/DDP match at Havoc 98?  One explanation I remember hearing was that WCW knew the show was going to run longer than usual and booked additional satellite time, but they neglected to notify all the various cable companies
of that fact.  What enhances the plausibility of this scenario is that I believe select markets did get the full match without problems.

The more conspiratorial of folk have also claimed that WCW intended the show to run overtime so they could get a huge rating for Nitro the next night by showing the match.  The fact that WCW wasn't immediately kicked off PPV for all eternity is cause for skepticism
over this theory.

In the end, the debacle comes down to, as it does with most things, “because WCW,” yes?

I was able to watch the show live in its entirety so the first explanation is clearly the right one.