Hi Scott,
It's taken me a long time to begin to warm up to Pat McAfee even a little bit because I used to find him insufferable in every medium you'd find him in. However, I am starting to appreciate the sincerity and authenticity of his passion for wrestling. With all that said, is it too soon and is the data set too small to include him in the pantheon of Great Stone Cold Stunner Sellers? Not only did McAfee take the bump by standing straight up and slowly falling backwards like a tree (the Kurt Angle specialty), but he actually improved on the mid-bump beer spit by spitting it straight up into the air like a fountain as he fell backwards! I don't remember seeing anyone do that before! What do you think of McAfee (and his tremendous Stunner sell)?

Well, he's had two matches and they were both good, so the record certainly speaks for itself thus far.  I thought Theory's stunner sell was the best I've seen since the glory days of the Rock taking it, though, so I'd say he won that competition.  Otherwise I don't really have any strong opinions on McAfee because I don't watch basketball.