WWE Spring Cleaning 2022

We're coming up on WWE's annual spring cleaning.  Who do you think is on the chopping block?  My predictions are Mustafa Ali (hopefully), T-Bar, Dakota Kai, and Alexa Bliss.  
I'm shocked Kai has made it this long.  If she hasn't made it out of NXT by now it's never happening.  Really she'd be best off touring the NWA and indies and making some money that way.  
I think Elias/Ezekial is getting cut pretty fast.  
Things don't look good for poor Fabian Aichner.  Ditto Wes Lee, unless they put them together as a wacky mismatched tag team or something.  
Can we safely assume that THIS round is when Dana Brooke gets the pink slip?  She didn't even make the WM card this year.