I just viewed a series of posts on iameliaewwe’s Instagram account about random Ezekiel facts. I laughed a little at this concept on Monday, but now I’m all in on this wacky s---. It’s akin to a guy like Andre wearing a mask and pretending to be Giant Machine, and while it’s such a dumb, silly gimmick, he the kind of guy that can pull it off.

Sometimes you just need a dumb, silly gimmick like “Broke Baron” to balance out the terrible gimmicks that do nothing for anyone.

My guess is this gets over, then they immediately drop it and turn him back to Elias. How long do you give it? Do you even know about it? Am I spending too much time on Elias/Ezekiel? Am I supposed to pretend their old Ezekiel never existed?  Help.

I heard that the original plan was to Fake Razor him into Fiend 2.0.  So we should be glad.