NXT – April 5, 2022

Date: April 6, 2022
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Wade Barrett, Vic Joseph

We’re done with Stand & Deliver and while a lot of things happened at the show, the bigger story came on Raw, as Bron Breakker defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the NXT Title. That should open up a few new doors in the main event scene and I’m curious to see which one they take first. Let’s get to it.

We open with a long recap of Stand & Deliver, plus Bron Breakker getting the title back last night on Raw.

Here is Breakker to get things going. After waiting out some WE WANT ZIGGLER/NO WE DON’T chants, Breakker talks about the things that he got to do over the weekend. He went to Wrestlemania for the first time and got to see some of the biggest stars. It made him realize that he was going to headline Wrestlemania one day, but also that he wasn’t going to let Dolph Ziggler leave Dallas with OUR NXT Title.

Now the title is home…and here is Imperium to interrupt. Gunther says that was a nice story but it doesn’t mean anything until Breakker faces Gunther one on one. That’s cool with Breakker so the match is set for tonight. Cue the Creed Brothers behind Imperium and we take a break.

Creed Brothers vs. Imperium

Joined in progress with Julius suplexing Barthel and sneering down at him. It’s off to Aichner for an armdrag into an armbar, plus some knees to the arm. Brutus punches his way out of a slam attempt but gets shouldered down hard. Barthel comes back in and gets gator rolled, allowing the tag off to Julius for an exchange of headlock takeovers. Aichner hits a Regal Roll and grabs a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

That doesn’t last long as it’s quickly back to Brutus, who gets kicked in the head. Some forearms get Brutus out of trouble and he sends Barthel outside. Aichner is back up with a slam to send Brutus’ legs into the ropes though and we take a break. Back with Aichner still working on Brutus’ leg until a belly to belly cuts him off. The tag brings Julius in to clean house but a cheap shot from behind saves Barthel.

The double running dropkick in the corner is loaded up but only Barthel (who is bleeding from the eye after an injury from Saturday has been opened up) hits, as Aichner walks away instead. That leaves the Creeds to hit a kind of torture rack slam into the sliding lariat for the pin on Barthel at 11:38.

Rating: C. You can see the Creeds getting more and more confident in the ring as they are starting to look more Steinerish every week. That is the kind of formula that is always going to work and they looked good here. I liked what we had here, but Imperium splitting isn’t exactly an appealing prospect for the individual members not named Gunther.

Post match the Creeds celebrate but two guys in hoods come down and nail them with chairs. They unmask as….Pretty Deadly, former NXT UK Tag Team Champions. I like them in the UK, but I’m not sure how well they’re going to do here. The fact that they name themselves Elton Prince (formerly known as Lewis Howley) and Kit Wilson (Sam Stoker) doesn’t bode well for them either.

Toxic Attraction is ready to get their Tag Team Titles back. They aren’t just Toxic Attraction, because they are THE attraction.

Here is Cameron Grimes for his first chat since winning the North American Title. Grimes says that they finally did it and he knows his father is looking down and smiling ear to ear because his boy did it. People talk about climbing the ladder to success in this business and he has worked hard to prove his dad right. That’s how he got here, as the new North American Champion. He isn’t going to become complacent though, because this title is going to go up and down on multiple trips TO THE MOON!

Cue Solo Sikoa to interrupt and congratulate Grimes on the promises he made to his father. Now we get to the hard part of keeping the title, because championships run through Sikoa’s blood. Man to man, Sikoa issues the challenge and Grimes says he respects that. Challenge accepted, with Sikoa pulling him in off the handshake but not getting violent.

Joe Gacy, with Harland, talks about the need to have someone you can trust. Family is inherent to success and not having it only leads to self destruction.

Draco Anthony is watching Gacy in the back when Xyon Quinn comes in to tell him to not watch that. Anthony says not to tell him what to do and a match is teased.

We recap Dexter Lumis/Indi Hartwell being named a hotter couple than Duke Hudson/Persia Pirotta at Stand & Deliver.

Tiffany Stratton is mad about Sarray costing her a match last week and promises to destroy her. And the necklace.

Dexter Lumis vs. Duke Hudson

Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta are here too. Barrett thinks the votes on Saturday were rigged (North Korea is mentioned) as Lumis hits the Thesz press and some running elbows to start. Joseph brings up Ezekiel debuting on Raw, with Barrett thinking he means Ezekiel Jackson (which did cross my mind when the Titantron video aired on Monday) as Hudson takes over and stomps away.

The chinlock goes on as Barrett is now on about Beth Phoenix not being a real minister so Lumis and Hartwell might not even be married. Lumis fights out and hits the spinning legdrop while getting what he would consider fired up. A running corner clothesline sets up the spinebuster as we shift to a long shot of Pirotta’s face. Hudson heads outside and Lumis follows him so the women can cause a double posting for the double countout at 4:55.

Rating: D+. This feud continues to be just a step above a bad infection on the level of enjoyment. The wrestling isn’t good, the story continues to be stupid, and Lumis/Hartwell stopped being interesting a LONG time ago. I’m not sure what NXT sees in this going forward but it is far from good and they need to come up with something better for everyone else involved.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez aren’t worried about facing Toxic Attraction again tonight.

Gunther tells Marcel Barthel to not worry about Fabian Aichner because the NXT Title match is what matters tonight. Barthel doesn’t seem happy.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Toxic Attraction vs. Dakota Kai/Raquel Gonzalez

Toxic Attraction is challenging. Jayne tries to choke Gonzalez to start and Dolin makes a blind tag, only to have her crossbody pulled out of the air. Kai comes in for a double stomp and a dropkick gets two. Dolin gets in a cheap shot though and Jayne adds a clothesline so Kai can get caught in the wrong corner. A ducked right hand allows the hot tag to Gonzalez though and it’s time to clean house.

There’s a fall away slam to Jayne but she counters a Vader bomb into the Tree of Woe. Gonzalez’s bad knee is banged up again and we take a break. Back with Gonzalez sending Jayne to the floor so Kai can tag herself back in. The running kick to the face rocks Dolin and Kai does it again for two. Everything breaks down and some double teaming lets Dolin hit a running neckbreaker to drop Kai. Gonzalez gets kicked to the floor before Kai can kick out at two.

A Codebreaker into an STO gets the same and this time Gonzalez makes another save. The big boot drops Jayne but Gonzalez’s knee gives out and she can’t follow up. Gonzalez tries a powerslam but gets reversed into a flipping Stunner. Cue Wendy Choo but Mandy Rose follows her out and sends her into the steps. The Chingona Bomb is loaded up but Jayne breaks it up with a chop block. Kai gets kicked to the apron and it’s Toxic Shock to give us new champions at 10:29.

Rating: C+. This got going in the middle but I’m rather confused by the ending. Other than Gonzalez possibly going to the main roster, why bother giving them the titles if you are going to change them again three days later? What’s kind of amazing is that the three day reign is far longer than their original reign, which didn’t even last a day.

Joe Gacy and Harland talk about how chaos can control you while still mentioning family. This is going somewhere isn’t it?

AJ Galante is here to introduce Tony D’Angelo as the new Don of NXT. D’Angelo comes to the ring for some bragging and Galante has a special card with D’Angelo’s blood. If D’Angelo breaks the code, may he burn forever. Galante puts a ring on D’Angelo’s finger, wine is consumed and that’s that. I think I get the BORING chants during the segment.

MSK is glad to get their titles back after five months and now it is time to defend them. Grayson Waller (with his arm in a sling) and Sanga come up for the challenge. Game on for next week.

Dakota Kai is mad and throws over a bunch of tables.

Nikkita Lyons vs. Lash Legend

This could be rough. They go with the power lockup to start until Lyons hits some elbows and a running clothesline. The kick misses in the corner though and Lyons bangs up her foot. A pump kick gives Legend two and we hit a chinlock with Legend’s knee in the back. Legend’s running flip splash gets two but she misses…I don’t think you can really call it a charge but she hits the corner and Lyons can power up. Lyons kicks away and powers her into the corner for a superplex and a near fall. Back up and Lyons hits another kick into the splits splash for the pin at 4:40.

Rating: D. Yeah what were you expecting here? Lyons is better than Legend but that’s not exactly an impressive feat. Legend just does not feel like she is ready to be out of the Performance Center but here she is on national TV. It’s hard to screw up a charge into the corner yet she managed to make it happen. Not a good match, and I don’t think that’s a surprise.

Tony D’Angelo and AJ Galante are leaving when they run into Legado del Fantasma. Santos Escobar says stay out of Legado’s business and they’ll be fine.

Kushida is ready for revenge on Von Wagner for Wagner attacking Ikemen Jiro and RIPPING UP HIS JACKET!

NXT Title: Bron Breakker vs. Gunther

Gunther is challenging. Feeling out process to start as Gunther thinks better of a test of strength. Gunther drives him up against the ropes for a shot, only to get headlock takeovered down. Back up and Breakker shrugs off a chop but can’t shrug off a big boot. Breakker gets to his feet and drives him into the corner for some shoulders to the ribs.

Some right hands and a spear drop Gunther but Breakker hurts his shoulder trying the gorilla press powerslam. Another chop puts the champ on the floor and the bad shoulder is sent into the steps. We take a break and come back with Gunther staying on the shoulder. Breakker escapes and grabs a German suplex, setting up the running clothesline for the double knockdown.

Gunther is right back on the arm though and puts on a keylock. Breakker slams his way to freedom and there’s an overhead belly to belly. Gunther cuts off a charge with a dropkick though and the powerbomb gets two. The top rope splash connects for the same and Gunther hits that hard clothesline for two more. With nothing else working, Gunther goes up top but gets speared out of the air. The gorilla press still doesn’t work so Gunther chops away, only to have Breakker punch right back. Gunther’s sleeper is escaped though and it’s a big clothesline into the gorilla press powerslam to retain the title at 13:07.

Rating: B. This came out of nowhere and yet they had a hard hitting power match with Breakker fighting through the injury and eventually overcoming Gunther. That being said, this is the kind of a match that should be built up a long time in advance. Maybe Gunther is main roster bound, but otherwise this is a very strange decision. One other note: the fact that Breakker has lost before makes another loss seems that much more possible. It helps with the drama and that is a great addition.

Post match Breakker celebrates but Rick Steiner pops up on screen to say he’s proud. It just so happens that he is tied up and in a cage, with Joe Gacy saying maybe they can teach the old dog some new tricks. If Gunther isn’t being called up now, this is a rather head scratch inducting choice.

Overall Rating: C. The main event helped a lot but egads there wasn’t much to get into on this show. They hit the ground running on this show, but it felt like they were trying to get a lot onto one card. The title change was a little weird and Legend doesn’t belong on TV. Throw in Lumis/Hartwell/Hudson/Pirotta continuing and there wasn’t much to like here outside of Breakker vs. Gunther. I’m curious to see how things go in the future, but it seems that there might be some roster changes coming sooner than later.

Creed Brothers b. Imperium – Sliding lariat to Barthel
Dexter Lumis vs. Duke Hudson went to a double countout
Toxic Attraction b. Raquel Gonzalez/Dakota Kai – Toxic Shock to Gonzalez
Nikkita Lyons b. Lash Legend – Splits splash
Bron Breakker b. Gunther – Gorilla press powerslam



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