AEW’s roster is insane

Thoughts after watching one of, if not, the best tag team matches ever on free tv and the debut of Samoa Joe – where do you think AEW's roster ranks all-time? 

Obviously they dont have a Cena or Austin on top, but the depth is ridiculous. Theyve had a crazy number of ***** (or close) matches in the past 9 months, starting with Omega/Danielson. And with so many different guys. It's really something else. 

The tag team division alone blows away even the glory days of the NWA and WWF 80s scenes.  But yeah, really they would need a true top guy to rival the all time star power of the WWF Attitude Era heyday and we haven't seen that quite yet.  But man is it up there.  Obviously we need a Crockett Cup and soon.  And no I'm not going to fantasy book one.