What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – December 24, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan run the studio for another edition of Prime Time Wrestling.  Heenan is out of sorts trying to decorate the set’s Christmas tree.

The Legion of Doom’s squash from last week’s show airs.

Heenan continues to have problems with the tree, not able to keep it upright and getting his hands stuck in the lights as Monsoon laughs.

Lord Alfred Hayes does the Update segment, recapping the recent Intercontinental title change.  Afterward, Heenan says that Texans are awful people, so Ted DiBiase was right to insult them weeks ago.

The Barbarian (26-0) defeats Saba Simba (7-0) after a blind charge boot at 8:20:

This comes from the London Gardens in London, Ontario, Canada on December 13.  Simba is not wearing his usual African headgear and does not dance.  His lack of motivation is made clear as this ugly match develops, with the Barbarian swallowing him up in boring rest holds before winning when Simba runs into his boot on a blind charge, ending Simba’s undefeated streak in the lamest way imaginable.  Rating:  DUD

Gene Okerlund does The Royal Rumble Report, which repeats promos from last week.

Power & Glory (w/Slick) (19-0) defeat Kevin Green & Pat Armstrong when Paul Roma pins Armstrong after the Powerplex at 3:55:

Rather than serving as a vehicle to advance the Hart Foundation-Power & Glory feud, this bout hypes Roma for the Royal Rumble.  He gets a split screen promo to put over his look and does most of the offense for his team.

Promo time with Sean Mooney hypes the Royal Rumble!  WWF Tag Team Champions the Hart Foundation say they feel lucky.  Earthquake and Dino Bravo, along with Jimmy Hart, pledge to work together to take care of Hulk Hogan and Tugboat.  Shane Douglas says he looks forward to proving to everyone that he belongs, while Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect promises to prove to everyone that he is perfect.

The Big Bossman (31-3) pins Pete Sanchez after the Bossman Slam at 1:40:

The Big Bossman does an insert promo where he warns Heenan that the Barbarian will not stop him from getting his hands around Heenan’s “scrawny neck.”  The Bossman beats Sanchez with ease and then hooks the ball and chain to him after the bout.  The crowd cheers when the Bossman drops the ball on Sanchez’s chest.

Okerlund’s interview with the Undertaker and Brother Love on Wrestling Challenge is shown.

Jimmy Snuka (20-2-1) beats Haku (6-7-3) with a schoolboy roll up at 8:20:

Snuka is altering his look, wearing long tights and boots.  Mooney speculates that maybe coming off the top rope so much has hurt Snuka’s toes.  This bout comes from London, Ontario as well.  Like Barbarian-Saba Simba it is a plodding encounter, but Haku works in a few more moves so that brings it out of DUD territory.  Haku dominates most of the encounter but Snuka floats over on a blind charge and rolls up his adversary for the win, although Lord Alfred Hayes notes on the replay that Haku’s right shoulder was off the canvas before three.  Rating:  ½*

Brother Love’s interview with Dusty & Dustin Rhodes on Superstars airs.

The British Bulldog (7-0) defeats Buddy Rose (1-19) with the running powerslam at 5:22 shown:

This match is from Madison Square Garden on November 24 and is joined in progress.  For the third time tonight, a blind charge spot does someone in as Rose crashes into the buckles and the Bulldog finishes with the running powerslam.  This was good when the Bulldog was on offense.  Rating:  *

More promos with Mooney!  Power & Glory and Slick says his team will act nasty in the Royal Rumble.  Tugboat screams about how he will be the last in the ring in Miami.  Jimmy Snuka hypes how he is in good shape and Demolition and Mr. Fuji have math problems when they say they look forward to beating up thirty people.

After the replay of a Mountie vignette, Monsoon laments that Jacques Rougeau has become “the Dudley Do Right of the WWF.”

The Hart Foundation’s squash from Superstars airs.

Jake Roberts (25-2) pins Kent Carlson after the DDT at 2:02:

Roberts’ eye has cleared up so he no longer struggles to get a hold of and pulverize Carlson.  In the split screen, Rick Martel is not worried about Roberts’ improving vision as he pledges to put him back in darkness in 1991.  The crowd goes wild as Roberts plants Carlson with the DDT for a fourth-straight win.  After the match, Roberts dumps Damien on Carlson.

Non-Title Match:  Mr. Perfect (w/Bobby Heenan) (36-3) pins Rico Federico with the Perfectplex at 2:29:

New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner is at ringside, so Perfect and Heenan stop by and shake his hand.  In the split screen, Perfect says 1991 is going to be a perfect year and it will start with a win in the Royal Rumble.  Federico stuns Perfect with a dropkick early, but Perfect recovers, hits a standing variation, and finishes with the Perfectplex.

The camera shows Heenan’s awful Christmas tree as the lights and tinsel is all on one side.  Heenan gives Monsoon a banana for Christmas, although he promises that a nice coat is held up in shipping.  Monsoon gets a few gifts out and Heenan grabs one, although it is meant for Carlos, a janitor.  Heenan opens it to reveal tools and is unhappy so he takes a hammer to the other gift, only to find out that it was meant for him and contained a Rolex.

Tune in next week to see Jimmy Snuka vs. Randy Savage!

The Last Word:  There was some good humor with Bobby Heenan trying to decorate the Christmas tree but the rest of the show was filled with a bad assortment of matches from London, Ontario.  Next week’s main event between Randy Savage and Jimmy Snuka sounds like an interesting pairing, though.

Up Next:  WWF Superstars for December 29!