An Alternative Source

Hello Scott!


I don't think the following idea could or would or should happen but I
thought it might be an interesting thought experiment to see what would happen
if it did.


Since WWE is always looking for new sources of potential talent, what would
happen if they started recruiting prisoners? By this, I mean low-level
non-violent criminals who would pose no threat to society were they to get out.
I don't mean to focus on them exclusively but as  another potential source
of future talent.


Sometimes, new recruits are only there for the money or thnk they're better
than otehrs because they came from another sport and so their motivation to
succeed at their training isn't as high as it could be. If there were some
program in place wherein the aformentioned prisoners could have a chance of
ending their sentences early if they caught on with WWE, I doubt they would lack
the will to succeed. If it were some deal where the choice was finishing their
jail time or making it with WWE, I would assume that would be quite the impetus
for success.


I'm not sure what the precise details of such a move would be but I'm
thinking along the lines of WWE recruiting from Florida prisons (under the
assumption that Vince and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would welcome the chance
to work together as opposed to DeSantis' feelings vis-a-vis Disney, for example)
and to use their “Be A STAR” and other such rallies as a form of “community
service” so the recruits could still be seen to pay their debts to society and
so forth. Plus, I imagine WWE woould embrace the PR of giving people a second
chance at succeeding in life after having gone the wrong way earlier. Of course,
I'm not so naive as to think WWE wouldn't try to gouge these recruits' salaries
lower than normal given their lack of options but hopefully they might at least
wait until they hit the main roster to start squeezing them.


If nothing else, it would help to reduce overcrowding in prison and if any
of them went on to similar success as Booker T or MVP (or anyone else in
wresting with a similar history), it would be a win-win all round.


As I say, I wouldn't expect this to ever actually happen but what would you
or the rest of the blog think if it did?


They could certainly look how to book feuds from watching Oz.