Sounds like Roman Reign’s is scared to death of Cody

Watching Reign's promo at the end of Raw and it sounds like a man throwing a temper tantrum of the type an impotent fraud would throw when threatened by the real deal IE Cody Rhodes. It's clear as day Roman's reaching like crazy to try and make himself seem like he's the only reason the WWE is making money (ignoring the Saudi deal and all of the people Vince had Nick Khan fire) as if to justify not being thrown off a tall building at long last now that Cody Rhodes is here to save the WWE from Roman's reign of terror.

Ten gets you twenty Roman's going to demand Vince let him hold both titles hostage if he really is injured, all the while doing everything and more within his power to sabotage Cody so he never gets within shouting distance of him. Come up with some BS where he will be allowed not to defend either one of them if he's hurt or even if he's not hurt and faking it to avoid having to job to Cody, so Cody can begin the great work of unfucking the WWE after it spent a good decade being defiled in the never ending failure to get Roman over. 


Damn we got BAKED again.