Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Happy Monday to all. This is infamous RAW after Wrestlemania so who knows what to expect tonight. Probably a major promo from Cody Rhodes and something from Roman Reigns and maybe a few debuts…We’ll see.

Scott and Tommy have reviews of both nights of Wrestlemania up. I thought the first night was great with some very good matches and “main event” that far surpassed expectations. The mileage on night two may vary…it was much more “sports entertainment” heavy and some of it worked, some didn’t. The crowds were pretty hot for both nights and that made it a little better IMO. I think the traffic numbers were pretty good and I thank all of you for that.

AEW Elevation is streaming.

North Carolina-Kansas will officially end the college basketball season.

Keep. It. Clean.