How screwed are the Young Bucks?

So on a scale of 1 to 10, how screwed are the Young Bucks?

Cody's moved back to the WWE

Kenny Omega's out indefinitely with no return time and will be irrelevant to any long term booking going forward  

The b------- they've been doing tormenting FTR backfired as FTR got their dream match with the Bucks and most likely the Bucks will be forced to finally do the job to FTR this Wednesday

Tony Khan probably has it firmly planted in the back of his mind that the Bucks stabbed him in the back leaking info about the tweets of the Briscos to Warner executives, since they were the only ones with a motive to try and prevent the match from happening due to their jealous hate boner for the superior tag team FTR

Are having to parasitically attach themselves to Undisputed Era to stay relevant, since Page is too busy slumming with the Dark Order and praying every night, that Tony doesn't end the failed Adam Page experiment and have him drop the belt to MJF or Punk or Bryan. 

And best of all, it could not happen to a more deserving pair of pieces of crap. 

I love how Jesse crafts his own narratives and then uses them to defend his point.  Never change!