Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 4th April 2022

Happy Monday Everyone!

Writing this Sunday Night before bed so Night Two of Mania has yet to transpire. Let’s hope it was a fun time.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas may have some more live thoughts from Mania weekend. Scott will almost certainly have the show itself reviewed. J has Joshi Spotlight. Logan continues his journey through 1990 WWF, although he’s nearing the end now

News from Cultaholic

Vince seems happy to let Cody be Cody

Hopefully this a genuine change in WWE and they stop trying to WWEify everyone they bring in going forwards

Mania will be in LA next year

Kind of a boring choice to be honest. It never feels like they go left-field with any of these Mania venues anymore. Even if they just did Canada again it would freshen things up for instance

Today’s match is Kenta Kobashi Vs Takao Omori

Have a gooden everyone!