Beyond the Pale for the Heels

While watching the Tuesday in Texas show off Supertape '92 on Peacock, after Jake Roberts's amazing post-match interview, Bobby Heenan sounds (kayfabe) like he has no idea how to react to what he just saw, and actually seems really upset about what Jake did to Elizabeth, as if it was too much even for him. Even as a heel, Bobby had his limits (and I can easily imagine Jessie Ventura acting the same way, even though he never was a fan of Elizabeth.)

Which prompts this question: can you ever remember an angle in any promotion where a heel did something so shocking, and went so far, that even the other heels thought it was too much even for them? The NWO invasion angle when it first started? Perhaps the Bad News Brown/Archie Gouldie angle where Bad News beat the crap out of Archie's kid? I know ECW had the “Tommy Dreamer blinds Sandman” angle where the entire locker room, face or heel, went off on Tommy on camera, but ECW wasn't really a traditional face/heel promotion. 

Oh for sure the Bad News Allen vs. Stomper angle.  There's a reason that one still sticks with everyone who saw it.  Also that time where WWE did the storyline where Shawn Michaels beat Bret Hart and chased him to WCW.  That was pretty vile.