Looks like it didn't take AEW long to follow in the footsteps of other established companies by introducing a new show and just as quickly as it debuts, is clearly established as a B-show that you can skip and not worry too much about what yo missed. I know the company has to find time for the 150 wrestlers they currently have… (sees Toni Storm signed)… 151 wrestlers they currently have, but maybe you need to advertise something with your stars facing each other with real stakes, not a star vs a geek with a forgone conclusion. Look at last week: Swerve Strickland vs. Ricky Starks! The Geek at the bottom of Dark Order's depth chart vs. Fish and O'Reilly! Dustin vs Archer! I've seen dark lineups that were more interesting than that. 
TK has kind of a bad case of new toy syndrome.