Who Owns ROH?


I could be wrong here because I haven't read every news story and listened to every podcast, but I've been following this story reasonably close and I've noticed something about the Tony Khan/ROH purchase.

It seems like they have gone out of their way in all official releases to note that TONY KHAN bought ROH, NOT All Elite Wrestling. I know Tony is in charge of AEW but, presumably, there is some sort of corporate structure and official business set up that might preclude him from simply putting an ROH show on television, calling it AEW, and putting whichever stars from his other shows on that he feels like. I'm pretty sure it's a separate company where wrestlers will need to sign separate deals. Much like how if Tony Khan bought a Subway, he couldn't just have Daniel Garcia and Powerhouse Hobbs go make sandwiches on Saturday.

So I think it's kind of off base to just say that he will have random guys who he isn't using in AEW do ROH shows. I think he needs to sign people to contracts/appearance deals. Unless there's something I'm missing?

We don't even know if they have TV yet.  Honestly I thought the point was supposed to be getting the video library for a streaming service and anything beyond that would be silly.  But now he seems to be trying to find a way to make it an actual second promotion and I just don't see the point.