What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – December 17, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are tonight’s hosts, celebrating the 300th episode of Prime Time Wrestling.

Opening Contest:  Dustin Rhodes (4-0) defeats Boris Zhukov (4-9) after a bulldog at 5:53 shown:

Zhukov’s jobbing tour continues in this bout, which took place at a Wrestling Challenge taping on October 10.  The match is very basic, with Zhukov stalling and doing a chinlock and Rhodes getting in some token arm work before a double KO spot triggers his comeback.  The loss is Zhukov’s seventh in a row in singles competition.  Rating:  *

Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil) (23-3-1) beats Nikolai Volkoff (13-1) via submission to the Million Dollar Dream at 5:07:

This contest also came from a Wrestling Challenge taping, but was from a more recent one in Syracuse, New York.  DiBiase tries to bribe Volkoff to forfeit but Volkoff takes the money and attacks DiBiase anyway.  Volkoff dominates, which is not the best call because his moveset is poor, and a blind charge provides the opening that DiBiase needs to lock in the Million Dollar Dream and send Volkoff out of the WWF.  After the match, Virgil retrieves the money that Volkoff pocketed.  Rating:  ½*

A flashback to an episode of Prime Time Wrestling from 1988 shows Monsoon roughing up Heenan during a massage as Heenan was preparing for a six-man tag team match at WrestleMania IV.

The Legion of Doom (15-0) defeat Tony Ulysses & Duane Gill when Hawk pins Gill after the Doomsday Device at 2:56:

In the split screen, the Orient Express and Mr. Fuji say that they have something special in store for the Legion for Christmas.  The jobbers take turns getting manhandled, each hiptossed into their corner so they can tag in the other.  Finally, Gill is put out of his misery with the Doomsday Device.  After the bout, Lord Alfred Hayes proclaims the Legion as the number one contenders to the tag team titles.

Footage is shown of a past Prime Time episode of Monsoon and Heenan at Busch Gardens.

Tugboat (27-0) beats the Warlord (w/Slick) (24-0) via disqualification when Slick interferes at 7:54:

This match took place at the last round of Superstars tapings in Rochester, New York.  In a clash of undefeated wrestlers, a boring strikefest results.  Near the end of the match the Warlord successfully slams Tugboat, the first man to do so during Tugboat’s run.  Tugboat recovers and avalanches the Warlord against the buckles, prompting Slick to grab Tugboat when he runs the ropes and that gets the Warlord disqualified.  Afterward, Tugboat throws Slick over the top rope and the Warlord carries his manager to the locker room.  Neither man was in a position to lose because they were part of prominent house show feuds but this match did not make either of them look good.  Rating:  DUD

The Texas Tornado-Mr. Perfect Intercontinental Championship match from Superstars is shown.  Afterward, Heenan feigns sadness that Perfect won due to Ted DiBiase’s interference.

Old footage of Heenan flying through the window of a Western film set is shown.

The Big Bossman’s squash from Wrestling Challenge airs.

Lord Alfred Hayes visits the studio and gives Monsoon a plaque for his broadcasting talents.  Heenan is not thrilled, threatening to get the Honky Tonk Man’s guitar and lay Hayes out.

Another clip of Heenan on a Western set airs, this time showing him falling from a roof.

The Tito Santana-Rick Martel match from The Main Event airs.

The Undertaker’s squash from Superstars is shown.

An old Prime Time clip of Monsoon shoving Heenan’s face in a cake airs.

As the show closes, Monsoon is irritated that Heenan has been miserable to with.  A guy in a Mets jacket appears and talks about being there for a party and Heenan tries to sell him one of Honky Tonk Man’s guitars.

The Last Word:  The second half of the show was more of a recap of past Prime Time clips, which was a nice trip down memory lane for people that had been watching the show throughout the 1980s.  The feature bouts were awful, though, especially Tugboat-Warlord, which is easily one of the top five worst matches of the year.

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