Old-School Wrestling Question

In watching one of the WWF Old School shows from the Philadelphia Spectrum on Peacock (which I used to tape religiously as a kid), I noticed at the beginning that ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta told the crowd that the matches were
“sanctioned and supervised” by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission, which had provided a ringside physician and timekeeper, and that that the State Athletic Commission had “assigned” referees Dick Woehrle, Joe Morello, and Dusty Feldbaumer for the April
30, 1983 card.


Exactly how did this referee thing work?  Did a state agency actually regulate officiating for a fake sport before Vince finally admitted it was all entertainment?


Also, did you know that blading is illegal in Pennsylvania matches? 5 Pa.C.S. § 2107(b) states: “Prohibited acts: A wrestler shall not deliberately cut or otherwise mutilate himself while participating in a wrestling contest or exhibition.”
And further down, it says that a “knowing or reckless violation of” section 2107 “shall be a misdemeanor of the third degree.”  Wow.



Per the referees, yeah, the only group that are somehow bigger grifters than wrestling promoters are governments.  They spent decades milking wrestling and boxing shows for “athletic commission” fees before Vince legally outed the business.  I bet they charged a fee to license the referees that WWF picked as well.