Huge Draws

It will be tough to top the greatest mania match of all time after this weekend, but curious to hear what you think are both the biggest matches both WWE and AEW have to offer right now? Obviously whenever he comes back Punk vs Omega and to a lesser extent Omega vs Cole would be pretty big for AEW. On WWE's side there is still Rock vs Roman, Becky vs Ronda, Sasha vs Trish if she does another match, and if you are looking towards the future Gable vs Brock and Bron vs Roman could be huge passing of the torch moments. And of course Hook vs anybody is huge, but he doesn't count because that's not fair to everyone else. MJF vs Cody in WWE in 2024 will be pretty huge too. Anything else you could see as big match up down the line?

Huh, an actual non trolling question today.  You feeling ok, buddy?
Bron Breakker v Brock Lesnar is gonna be money.  That can be a case where they can legitimately use Brock to give someone the rub too.  Rock v Roman could be huge if Rock can come back but that’s far from a sure thing.  
For AEW, I think the dark horse is Bucks v Hardy’s, which I think they can squeeze at least one big buy rate or big rating out of.