Wrestlemania fans to turn on Cody?

Hi Scott,

If we assume that Dave Meltzer's reports of Cody Rhodes vs Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania is the plan. Will it not be a massive disaster for Cody Rhodes? 

As we've seen from previous Wrestlemania's, the live crowd tend to be hardcore WWE fans who travel from all over the world, and thus have strong preferences and are not shy about vocalising them. 

You have Seth Rollins, a guy who WWE fans have seen from a indy star, through a top faction, multiple time World Champion, incredible wrestler and a guy who has vocally defended WWE on multiple occasions. He is meant to be the heel. 

Cody Rhodes, a guy who was last in WWE 7 years ago as a midcarder, has been openly critical and mocking of WWE/HHH/their fans for years, has the whole Racism stuff hanging around him and even AEW fans disliked him  by the end because of his self-promotion . He is meant to be the Face. 

Aren't WWE just setting themselves up for fans to boo Cody out of the building and turn Rollins MegaFace?

Yes, you are correct, the signing is already a failure.  What they need to do is swerve us by having Cody come out and talk about how YOU FANS are the problem, and then Rollins can beat him in like 8 seconds and he'll go to NXT to challenge Dolph for the title on Tuesday.  

It's really a shame because his debut had such potential, but it's already ruined a week before it actually happens.  Well, what are you gonna do?  What's done is done.