ROH as AEW’s touring Brand

Hi Scott,

Last year AEW ran their first and thus far only house show as part of Wrestlemania week. By all reports at the time it was a success, yet they have never shown any indication of running house shows since then. 

One of the big draws of wrestlers to AEW, as stated by numerous of the roster, is the drastically reduced schedule. Seth Rollins has wrestled 10 times thus far in March, compared to Jon Moxley's 4. So a lot of big name talent wouldn't be willing to do a full touring schedule. 

If you pay for an AEW house show and instead of Mox, Bryan, Punk, Hangman, Christian, Sting, Jericho, Cole, Baker etc, the biggest match is just FTR vs Jurassic Express you'd feel ripped off. However if you pay for a ROH house show with that same main event you'd be satisfied. 

So is ROH, Tony Khan's way of running house shows to give a load of the AEW under developed talent experience without having to promote shows without all the big names? 

What's the point of paying for the Ring of Honor name then?  If you're deliberately setting up your audience for disappointment then why run house shows in the first place?  Oh wait, they don't.