TV taping wins and sins

Looking at the historyofwwe website, you'll find an instance of the WWF being particularly organized in terms of scheduling their TV tapings: the “Andre turns on Hogan” saga traverses two sets of tapings.  The segments dealing with the trophies were taped January
5, 1987 and aired on the 17
th and 24th of that month.  The bits with Andre challenging Hogan and Hogan accepting were taped on January 26.  Here's the neat part: the Andre turn was taped a couple days after the
trophy presentations had finished airing, so the live crowd would have gone in, presumably, fully up to speed about the preceding intrigue.  Pretty smart about scheduling the tapings in a way that doesn't damage kayfabe, right? 

And yet, this same company would constantly do things like have Hogan give a pre-match promo on SNME where he's all sweaty and emerges from behind the curtain “seconds” later dry.  It's kind of amusing that they could be so on top of things in one aspect, and
so sloppy in others, yes?

Real answer:  There was a lot of people doing a lot of drugs in that era, man.  But yeah, stuff like people doing a promo with one set of gear backstage on SNME and then emerging from the curtain with another set of gear used to drive me NUTS.  The worst was the original Main Event, where Hogan had the 86 belt in the backstage interview and then suddenly had the Winged Eagle when he came out of the other side of the curtain!