HHH’s Peak

Can we discuss HHH at his peak aka 2000 through mid 2001. 

Genuinely one of my favorite runs ever and I think, for a lot of reasons, doesn't get the in ring props it deserves. His Foley feud was superb.  He had maybe the best iron man match ever. The Jericho Last Man Standing bout. The 3 Stages of Hell
Match vs Austin. F--- man, he had probably the only bearable Undertaker Match of that era. 

The pop for when he looked to be turning face the Raw after Mania 17 and his 02 pop for actually returning are awesome.

And then you know. But those 18 months kicked ass.

HHH from that era would also fall into the category of “People who the belt looked right on” with the Attitude Era eagle belt.  His later reigns with the spinner belt and especially the modern era belt looked completely off.