Two semi-related questions…

I take a stance somewhere between Vince and Undertaker about the prospects of what Taker's career coulda been going forward (Vince thought he still had more in the tank; 'Taker knew he was done). He shouldn't have been wrestling the likes of Goldberg one-on-one 5 years before that awful match where Goldberg dropped him on his head. But I feel like he could've kept appearing in tag matches like he and Roman vs. McIntyre/Shane indefinitely. What say you?

And speaking of over-the-hill wrestlers being protected in tag matches… Andre the Giant wrestled in the first 6 Wrestlemanias. Undertaker wrestled in almost every one between 7 and 36.

Aren't we overdue for a new Phenom?

I’ve heard a lot of excitement for some guy named Veer.  
As for Taker, not everyone wants to be Giant Baba, doing comedy six man matches until you’re dead.  Although he already left his boots in the ring against Roman that year and then came back for more matches so it’s not like he’s completely immune to the lure.