Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 25th March 2022

Happy Friday Everyone!

Punk Vs Dash on Dynamite is worth a watch if you like the pro wrestling.

Scheduled today on the Blog: J.W. has another Flashback Friday. Still time to read Dynamite reviews from Scott and Thomas. Scott will surely have something else for us today as well (currently writing this Thursday Night before he’s booked it in). Logan has some more WWF from 1990 for us

News from Cultaholic

MJF trolls the internet by talking about how much he likes Smithers

He knows exactly what buttons to press and does it spectacularly

Dolph Ziggler thought he was stale on the main roster

In other news, water wet

For those asking about Ulf Herman in a recent daily thread, here’s a match from the FWA in 2003 where he’s over like rover

Have a gooden everyone!